ELLANE Warranty Card

Dear valued customer,

Thank you for purchasing ELLANE product ("the product"). The Product shall be under warranty by INOS Private Limited ("ELLANE") against defects in material and workmanship in accordance with and subject to the warranty terms and conditions stated below.

  1. The warranty period of Built-In Hob is covered for ONE year (12 months) on labour, transport and parts from date of purchase. Items NOT covered under this warranty are Burner cap, Burner support, Wok stand, Battery, Glass-top (one-time off due to natural shattering), Dent or Scratches.

  2. Table Top Cooker, Cooker-Hood and Built-In Oven are covered for ONE year (12 months) on labour, transport and part/s from date of purchase. Items NOT covered under this warranty are Control knob, Burner cap, Burner support, Wok stand, Plastic front panel/holder, Plastic oil collector/plastic attachment/accessories part/s, flexible rubber hose, Glass panel, Cable core and plug-top, Aluminium/Metallic filter, Charcoal filter, Bulb/tube, Plastic control switch, Glass Panel, Tray/rack, Rubber gasket, Dent or Scratches.

  3. The warranty is only valid in Singapore. However, the warranty will automatically nullify once should the appliances be used for commercial purposes.

  4. The product/s is warranty against any defective materials and/or manufacturing faults only.

  5. The warranty does not cover any defects or damage due to spillage of food, liquids or chemical reaction arose during washing, cleaning, cooking etc, resulting corrosion, rusty, or stain marks.

  6. The warranty does not cover damages to any product caused by accident, negligence, misuse, item/s such as wear and tear, or item/s meant under depreciation over a period of time or any way being tampered with; by any unauthorised installation, repair, alteration or modification and did not follow normal operation procedure guidelines.

  7. The warranty is considered null and void if either the Warranty Card is being altered, erased or defaced in any manner.

  8. The purchaser must produce the Warranty Card together with dated proof of purchase receipt when call upon service, otherwise part/s and service charges will be imposed should customer failed to produce this Warranty Card or original proof of purchase.

  9. All Town gas cookers need to be installed by License Gas Service Worker certified by Energy Market Authority (EMA).

  10. The warranty is only applicable if the product is purchased from an authorised ELLANE dealer on the main island of Singapore.

Please retain and produce this copy upon service request.
Svc Hotline Tel : 6848 7887

Outdoor service availability : Monday to Friday only